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  • From mobile
  • Aug 14
  • #900247

Be carefull using Tsveti Edmonds, she is not professional, not motivated to work, seems tired all the time, talks about other clints private life, and when you fire her she send you a text msg where she does not care to watch her mouth and curses at people in Bulgarian language. Very unproffessiobal and nasty.

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 01
  • #892451

I agree with all of the horrible reviews. I worked with Santana Harrison and she was horrible. Always late and tells lies. Worst realtor ever.

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Re: Seeta Singh of Rouge Valley Remax in Scarborough On Canada. My complaint with her is that she didn't make sure that the furnace was a rental when we sold the house. The house belonged to my aunt who passed away. I was left paying $5700.00 for the furnace. The furnace should have been listed as a rental Nit part of the chattel's! What are these agents trained for? After the house sold immediately of course her email would not respond?! I... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 11
  • #880413

I wanted to list my house for 184K though the realtor refused to list saying it was to high and my mistake was not asking him to leave at that point. DO NOT USE REMAX, THEY will *** and take anything they can. Even if my asking price is to high that's why offers are made.

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The company was representing a seller and I was the buyer. They were pain from the day the inspection was performed in that they did not like the notes provided by a licensed inspector.. After the inspection results were sent we were informed that all communication must go through the legal representations otherwise no response would be given. Unfortunately after a deal had been reached on the noted inspection items the seller/agent decided to... Read more

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Watch out for Jay R. From Warwick RI area we put a bid in on a house then got an email he was looking for highest and best and suggested we put in another bid which we did.. Being over what client was asking for... We still didn't get it but found out another Remax client got it. I'm just waiting to see what the sold price was, if its under my bid I'm suing the pants off Remax... Stay tuned

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Contacted an agent from North Liberty ,Iowa twice about a property she even got back to me for my phone number and I gave it to her don't know why never called me back the only reason I think she didn't call back was the property didn't have a two or three in front of the price as the price was 69,500,will never consider this outfit again don't use Pam from North Liberty! Why put your name on it if your not going to answer the emails people... Read more

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I have had the same experience with a Re/max agent in the Nashville area - with refusing to take photo's off MLS of private and personal items in our home as well as photo's of our actual bodies in the pictures - all done without our permission and had no ideal what so ever that photos were being taken of us. This is a clear violation of safety and security as it is very well known that criminals troll real estate web sites looking for... Read more

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I have rented a property through Janice Cofield at Remax Central for the past 2 years and it has been the worst experience imaginable. There is a list of property defects reported to Mrs. Cofield and her staff which were reported almost 2 years (others reported about a year ago) which Remax has ignored or is unwilling to fix. My garage door hasn't worked in two years. Remax sent a repair tech out who determined the whole garage unit needed to be... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 23
  • #852955

After waiting 3 weeks for the paperwork to be finished to put the house on the market, it still took another 5 months for it to be listed. House Was shown only once in 6 months. When I asked why things were going to slow I was told I was too demanding. I fired my agent and went with another agency.

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