My husband & I are retired and looking for a home in Cobourg/Port Hope. Have been asking Agents many questions and receiving answers. This is Wayne Muir's answer.


Let me know and best regards.

There is also my reply, and his, but will going over my word count.

Would like to continue with this. ASAP. Pls. confirm.

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He is not licensed at all. Be careful when you get meet him


Never use this man. He is the typical sleazy salesman, taking advantage of people in difficult situations. My husband and I lost thousands of dollars to his schemes


NEVER EVER use WAYNE MUIR or his cohort ANTON DINEV for anything. They will take your money and run.

They will beg for your money. They will wait at your front door for your money. They will wait in front of your parents, inlaws or grandparents house. To take your money they will meet you, anywhere, anytime.

They will text and email you constantly. Once they have your money good luck getting it back. You wont hear from them. The calls will cease.

The emails will stop and the texts will end. You wont hear from them anymore. You wont be important anymore. You will have to constantly ask them for updates.

When they feel like it or perhaps when they are bored if your lucky, you may hear from them. However from that point forward lies upon lies is all your going to get, if anything.

Bottom line - don't give these people a CENT of your hard earned money. Save yourself the trouble and find someone more reputable who actually gives a *** about you.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1350257

He pushes buyers to enter real estate transactions that he knows they cannot afford or be eligible for financing so they will be at his mercy to stay financially afloat. Usually this is done by having his buyers max out their credit cards, line of credits, or obtain another mortgage (if they already own property) which they cannot pay off to only end up going financially under anyways.

At worst the buyer loses a $10,000- $20,000 deposit if the transaction does not close and walks away with nothing. At worst the buyer get sued by the seller for damages which can easily result in bankruptcy for the buyer as damages with real estate values as they are today could easily be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I was very fortunate with my dealings with this individual. I had agreed to spend a day to look at several houses with him.

The night before I get a text from his personal assistant that the 5 houses we were going to see were no longer available and that there is only one house available that is about to be taken down for showings by the next day and that I need to make an offer of $70,000 over asking to get the house.

I had not signed a buyer representation agreement and I had no pre-financing approved from an A lender institution and the offer I was to make was over $100,000 over my budget which made me realize how odd the entire situation was. I also recalled him trying to get me to open a line of credit which in no doubt in my mind would be used to finance a transaction that I already could not afford.

But it was the unfair pressure tactics and dishonesty of the entire situation that made me realize I was going to be ripped off. Hence I backed out.

There is currently a major shake up in the real estate industry as it is becoming increasingly unaffordable to buy property and many real estate agents out there are desperately trying not to go out of business as less houses being bought/sold means less business for them. They will say anything to get you to sign even if it means having your family kicked to the curb.

I am very glad that the Provincial government is cracking down and potentially even ending double ending deals because his business model is mostly based on this.

You cannot provide the same honest unbiased information to both buyers and sellers and survive in this business. The only way to successfully double end a real estate deal is for someone to lose... usually the buyer. If you are a buyer with a lot of disposable income or a seller Wayne Muir could be your go to guy as he is very knowledgeable.

However if your financial situation is already poor or shaky at best... steer away as he will only make it worse for you for his own benefit.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1205481

Wayne muir is a fraud, he will take all you have in different ways. He works with investors to rip off clients.

Do your research before even considering him. Horrible. People with children don't trust him, he will destroy your life.

He makes you default so he can get more money. He will look for ways to make it happen.

to Anonymous #1427287

Tell me more


Was told I would be able to pick a house that I liked and when we did it was not avail same with the another 2 that were being sold by other realtors....but the house he was selling was available and the only one available..double commission for this sleazy realtor all he wants is money and does not care about the clients ...

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #933888

Rent to Own means you Rent until you can own. If you miss payment, don't expect the "investor" to be your friend.

He is the landlord and you are the tenant. I am not with Wayne Muirs team or know much about him. But we have done many RTO transactions. They are difficult and time consuming deals.

Remember to pay your rent. If you lose your job, you should have savings if not, its up to the individual investor not the Realtor.

Realtor closed his deal by helping investor buy a home. He has no loyalty to you.


Wayne Muir remax realtron


started a rent to own program put 10 thousand down. 1st month no problem.

2nd month I got hurt at work and my wife was changing jobs. Her work held 2 weeks pay. I contacted the investor to let him know the situation and payed half of the 2nd month before it was due. I told him I was waiting on a cheque from wsib and it would be here a week later.

He said OK no problem. I get him pounding on the front door and eventually goes through the back sliding door to enter the home and demanded the funds. 3 days later Cindy one of his team comes by and says we are getting evicted and she was supposed to post notice on Windows, doors fences and cars. Wayne Muir and his team are scam artists...

Don't give them your hard earned money.

Manhattan, New York, United States #889072

Hes a good agent. Why would he work and give you information for free (his time?).

Anywasy real estate is a business. if you don't like their answer on to the next one. I was a real estate agent for 6 years and now I own a large distribution company.

Realtors have info, and if they give it for free in hopes of you working with them then they would be broke. All successful agents act this way.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #852562

pressure technique is too mafia like. Totally Not Profesional

Brampton, Ontario, Canada #826509

That is because Wayne Muir advertised homes that do not exist. You ask where they are and they say sign.

You ask to see home and they say sign. They are fraud and lie to scam you.

I complained to RECO but they do nothing. Wayne Muir is scam artist.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #793970

You find it strange that they would want to be compensated or at least have the opportunity to get paid for their work>?

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