My husband provided landscaping service to Mr. Davidson in May 2014 at his Elk Grove home.

He wriggled his way out of paying my husband what they had agreed upon, finally cheating him out of $15. $15 really? Wow, I could never buy a home from a cheat that would take $15 from a hard working family man like my husband. If you buy a home from him you better check the contracts really carefully because this guy will definitely nickel and dime you.

Reportedly, Jeff counted his fingers to calculate how much to short my husband- apparently he only has ten fingers so it took him awhile. Buyer Beware.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Elk Grove, California, United States #862256

I just got notified of this. I'm sorry you felt this way.

I wish you would have called me as your husband did some landscaping work for me. I payed him $15 and hour and he completed 45 hours of work for me over a 2 week period. That comes to $675. My intent was not to short him $15 or 1 hour of work.

Please call me as I would not only like to give him his $15 but another $30 for his inconvenience as again this was not my intent. I wished you would have called me.

I must have payed him for 45 hours of work instead of 46. I'm sorry.


I just got notified of this. I'm sorry that your husband got shorted $15.

I assure you it was not intended that way as I was paying him $15 an hour to due some landscaping work. As I recall he worked for me for 2 weeks and around 45 hours for those two weeks. That comes to $675. If I shorted him $15 dollars or 1 hour please contact me and I am more and happy to give him $15 owed and another $30 for his trouble.

I'm sorry you felt this way and wished you would have contacted me. Thanks as your husband did excellent work.

Sacramento, California, United States #818117

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