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Krist Idol at remax in Kernersville is the worst real estate agent i have ever dealt with. She tells people that my house is not looking at.

She is a big nosed witch. SHe pays people to write good reviews about her..thats how horrible she is.She deserves to have her license taken away because she does things illegaly she pays people off..her and her fat husband.

Maybe she should find a new job like being a janitor or maybe a proffesional liar cause that is the only thing she is good at doing. She is the fakest person in the world!

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Gallatin Gateway, Montana, United States #1215155

This is pretty pathetic...sounds like these people "Unhappy" don't even have the right person. Anyway, Kristi Idol, real estate agent with ReMax, Kernersville sold our house quickly, was pleasant to deal with and was very upfront with us.

We met with other agents and decided Kristi was the person for the job...contract the day after the first showing and that was the day after the listing was posted. You cannot get much faster than that!

Bruce Hennequin

Lexington, North Carolina, United States #821750

This lady's husband Chris idol

Is even worse. He is evil and unprofessional.

These guys are crooks. They say one thing and do another.

They lie don't keep up the home they rent to you, and thereafter. OverCharge you for things they claim they fixed.


What an ***. You must not know the Kristi Idol I know.

She has sold many homes for myself and family members. Maybe you are the janitor.

to Brad G #1371951

That's only because you are screwing Kristi Idol Brad.

Westborough, Massachusetts, United States #229447

What a bunch of lies, you can tell the person that wrote the complaint needs help they cant even spell its Remax not remix. Kristi was my agent, she was reffered by a friend and has worked with alot of my faimly members. She does a wonderfull job don't let these lies keep you from making a wise choice.

Westborough, Massachusetts, United States #229370

What a big lie some people are a joke, Kristi Idol is a great agent I have had many dealings with her.

Westborough, Massachusetts, United States #229337

If you want any info about my sister just give me a call 336-407-8504. My wife is Kristi Idol the agent

to Chris Idol Lexington, North Carolina, United States #821753

Chris you are a liar. You are both agents of a similar ilk.

I have never met agents that are worse than you guys. And you do not live in MA you live right here in NC

Westborough, Massachusetts, United States #229336

This was posted by her sister in law. The family beleives her (the girl who posted this) to be bipolar. If you check with REMAX international you will find her to be in the top of NC agents, this is public records so feel free to search.

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