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Hey Pat, hope your well, I'm a CTV Viewer. My name is Sean Doyle and my family and I have been involved with a rent to own program through Relmax Realtron represented and organized by Mr. Wayne Muir. We believe this program is a SCAM and he's been getting away with this for years as house prices have climbed steadily over the past decade, destroying people Hope's, Dreams and stealing their hard earned Money. If you take a minute and look up Wayne Muir online he's reputation will show. We have been living in our house for almost five years and fighting for our home in Ontario Suprema Court now for over 18 months. It would seem as if were getting swept under the rug and being pushed to take one of two deals, which both seem out of sorts. The first offer is to purchase the house for a increased price of 650k, that's 160k more then originally priced. The second offer is a small amount of hush money, suttle out of court an move on with our lives. This being as things begin to wrap up in court and we wait for a decision from Justice Shaw (our judge in this matter). The leading problems with the high court (Justice Shaw) making a decision is that there is no statistic cases on record for residential rent to own available for the court to reference off because no one has ever had the means ($) to carry the process to the bitter end. To fight the good fight, set a precedent, and allow this scam to be put under scrutiny, lime light, and then put to bed once and for all (Guidelines, policies, and regulations might be in order). The only case reference that the judge can go on is that of commercial origin and they are a completely different ball of wax with very different issues at steak and people affected. You see Pat, I don't have a problem with losing fair and square but this situation is a very special case and is far from fair and square or legal.. We do have legal counsel and were not sure of the job he's doing be good, great or even medioker, considering we seem to be the first to get this far in court and nether Justice Shaw and the two parties have in sight on how this could be handled fairly but we do feel that something is not right. Especially when the advise I'm given by my council is that we should take the offer because the lawyer feels the judge favors the other side and we don't want to get caught losing and end up with all the debt. However, in the same breath agrees that "we getting the short straw but something is better then nothing". He is willing to reduce some of his bill that have accumulated as long as we take the deal. We are vary thankful for the good will. However, we would not need good will if not for this scam were are entangled within. Furthermore, if there were consumers protection services in place we would be able to save a good many families from falling in the wayside and putting them in parrel. At this point we owe almost 30k from a cool 50k. We have very little results or options from what we've spent in legal fees and closing fees. The reason I'm reaching out to you. I know from watching you on the news you have a certain way to deal with people and businesses that do things in shady ways and take advantage of tax paying citizens and there families. There are many major losses cercomfrancing this and they hold more merit and value to some members of my family then other but on a joined concences these are some thing we have endured and some major future hurtles at hand. 1. My partner and I were

Planning a wedding to commit our vows to one and other at the end of our mortgage closing, as a way of calibrating our accomplishment together and sharing it with our children and families. We had gotten as far as purchasing the dresses and invitations were sent out. We had to cancel due to lack of funds and the deal falling apart creating uncertainty in the future. 2. My partners grandfather passed away and her father was not able to afford to go back to Greece where he immigrated from to bury him. This all because he had to spend his savings and pay on costs for court. 3.12' x 8' x 13' high custom shed built to match the home, driveway widing to allow four car parking instead of two, landscaping and irrigation as well as a finishing basement. We also found out the befor commencing the build in the basement that the foundation had a major crack in the back west. The crack was from the footing to the top of the form. I had to repaired befor I started work to finish the basement. The odd thing was when we were doing the initial finalization of the paperwork to be able to the RTO and purchase papers to be able to move into the house that we had to get a home inspection in order to proceed to the next stage. The inspector from Lighthouse Home Inspection LTD. did Mentioned that there were some mild moister concern in that exact corner but that it was nothing to worrie about. We have the original binder from them that verifies this. All of the upgrades in the property cost 30k in materials this does not including labour cost which was mostly done by myself and family friends in the trade. We do have the receipts on file for over 20k in materials and equipment rentals to back up our statement 4. I also had 10k taken from us by Wayne Muirs driver Anton on my front porch of our house, after claiming this would get the deal done and the mortgage closed on the 550k deal. This money was borrowed from a family member and is still being repaid till today a little bit at a time. We have been trying to keep up with bill's and juggling back and forth off of credit but things have become to hard to maintain any longer that we could not make our payments and now our credit has been badly damaged. All credit cards have been canceled and or credit reduced to a days pay. I have been working on my credit for over 8 years and it's not easy.

5. Your probably a parent and can then understand that homework, routine and nabourhood roots are just a few key points to a strong foundation. I have two young daughter and we see how they are being effected. There school is suffering both in academics and behavioral delinquencies. We spend time almost every night on homework but find that all our escalating problems consume our hearts and create distance with them. We feel like the most important years are being stolen from us as parents.

6. From the youngest of 7 years to the oldest at 56. We have all become part of the community and a facet on our crescent, bringing a strong sense of strength in family values as there is 12 of us. If your getting a little confused that might be because you should also note, we are a 2 families and a complete family of 12, that all live together within the home. My partners father and I went in together on the RTO property to keep our expenses within margin and if one of us two could not qualify that the other could still close the deal (it was a fale safe to protect our steak in the house). These are all something to talk about but more importantly is the state of affairs this has left my family and I in. It has destroyed extended family relationships by way of making this situation look like we're fall downs and we can't manage our money or bills. We have even been called drug addicts and losers. We have all been to the doctors on numerous occasions for depression. We're NOT willing to go on medication from the result of stress from someone else's GREED. My partners mother Dina had a major heart attack on July 17 2017 as a result of the immense stress, pressure, and disbelief at what Jasan reality (Mosharif Kahn who lives at 5 Listcreek Rd. in Brampton, Ont) and Wayne Albert Muir as well as the BMO/TD mortgage broker ties were trying to accomplish against our names.

The flip side is that we both, my partners father and I have been working for the same companies for a combined 27 years. We tried to get into the real estate market when we seen that the window of opportunity was closing due to extreme house price influx. We had done some research and tried to figure out the most safest way that offered structure without having all the money and good credit, however Mr. Muir and Remax Realtron did not protect us his client and now is no where to be found. His company is closed and he's no longer a Remax associate. He hasn't even called to follow up on the situation he left us in personally, but from time to time he has his employee call and fish for information regarding status and to see if there has been any resolve. Were not sure as to why the concern if there is no help being offered. This has been going on since late May/2017 and we have not received another since the end of July. We did receive a document from him sometime after June in 2017 but it was a mistakenly sent email. The document sent seems to be an updated more structured and secure version of the old purchess agreement. This raised further questions about his integrity and made us think differently about the situation.

We believe the real hingpoint to the case that would direct Justice Shaw to the showing of true guilt definitively comes in the form of document information being withheld. By Jasan Realty’s (Mosharif Kahn) and Wayne Muir deciding to jointly withhold critical information off of the down payment trust verification paper in the beginning months while we were trying to close the deal. Such as banking info like branch, account number, and a sworn affidavit stating by a lawyer our down payment is in fact being held in trust with them. This act and this alone is definitive proof of cohesion and a lack of transparency needed to show guilt.

Now coming back to November 2018 regarding the 650k offer. The down payment documents are infact different by way of a court stamp however, the documents offers the exact same information just in a different format. A gentleman from Northwood Mortgage who is a family friend and a broker himself has been assisting me throughout this issue from May or June. He is willing to clarify and proper instructions to me and my lawyer by way of conference call that this is not in fact valid for the purpose of RTO. Now, this could only have been done once we had obtained the down payment trust paper for the 650k because we really had nothing to reference off of. that being the one from April and the one from now.

Based on what Northwood’s broker is stating; Because this is not a conventional mortgage application but a rent to own contract the down payment paper warrants more incite to verify information being presented to the mortgage broker or bank. This lack of document information made it seem like we were ill prepared and could not close but infact we were more then ready to close and had infact more money then 35k for the down payment as both side of extended families were willing to put 50k each on top of the 35k to get the best rate we could. Also allowing us to avoid CHMC. So going into the deal we would have potentially put 130k down on a 489 mortgage with a joined income of 160k a year minimum as my partner and both her parents have jobs showing income. Also my credit was 699 at the time. As you may be able to see these are some of the major reasons that caused us to be un able to obtain a mortgage from any lender, even after I had all the proper documentation required to close the deal in the time frame required on the initial closing date.

Then furthermore, after requesting updated documents with additional info, were denied. Saying we did not close the deal in the time frame allotted. We then went through the same process a second time but for an increased price of 70k more. The same document for proof of down payment was expected to be used again by our opposition party. The deal fell apart a second time. This is when I started getting legal advice, researching, and reaching out side of there circle to get help. We have be reluctant to get help out of fear of losing everything that was a statement made by Muir to play on our emotions. This caused us to travel further down the rabbit hole into the trap. As we were in duress When we had tried to reach out for help but issues kept escalating as the opposing side and our own representation i.e. Wayne Muir told us "we were going to lose everything if we didn't have a super star lawyer

and that he does lot give a *** about what happens to our family, we could live in the streets for all he cares". Our layer has also told us the same thing but in regards to making the judge upset if we went to the media and professional outlets to get help. I have done everything in my power as a partner and father can do and I'm at my ropes end, I'm asking if you personally can't do anything to help us see and assist. please look into your repitiure of contacts and see if there's anyone that you may know that can lend a professional hand in helping this major life destroying scam rings be dismembered. I find it really hard to be that person my children and partner expect of me on a day to day and that's because I feel inadequate and like there is no hope. I would like to rejuvenate the relationships that seem lost and distant and prove to myself and my family that there is a good fight and we have win it together or we will fall with more families behind falling into the same fait.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Pat for your ear and time. If there are any question regarding this matter that may arise for clarification perpos we do have all documents available for review and that were more then happy to discuss issues regarding it. Thank you again and we all look forward to hearing back soon.

Sincerely and Gratefully,

Sean. C. Doyle

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