We sold our house using Remax of Central NJ. The buyer's agent was out of the same office.

Her name is Jill Etkin. the broker of this location is Kelly. I have no issue with our agent, but I have issues with Jill & Kelly and would never use a Remax office again.

Jill (in our opinion...I have to say 'in my opinion' because statements that were made to me and my wife were later denied and therefore it is my word against hers) lied about various subjects. Her alleged actions caused my blood pressure to rise, I couldn't sleep and my work suffered.  The clincher was the final walk-through, which took them 5 minutes.

Then, we had a Use and Occupancy Clause, which was up on November 23rd. The buyer, Cory Singer, called on November 20th and said they couldn't do the 23rd. First we were told he was away; then told he couldn't leave work.

Meanwhile, the agreement clearly states that we had to vacate on 11/23. They agreed to inspect the evening of the 23rd; then cancelled with no reason.  They broke the agreement and didn't care.  In our opinion, the advice came from Jill (which "Cory will sign an affidavit stating that did not happen).  The Remax owner (Kelly) said her agent did nothing wrong and it was our word against theirs.  She is right, but my wife and I know the truth and someday they will have to answer to someone more important than me.  There is a lot more to the story; feel free to contact me via email and I can go into depth.  Just be careful about using Remax in Manalapan and especially Jill Etkin.

Product or Service Mentioned: Remax Home Selling.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have had two encounters with Re/Max agents myself and both ended in such disgust. It's funny (but not) because we too heard the "in my opinion" along with "I'm not a contractor BUT" and then she would babble endlessly about something that she knew nothing about.

I strongly would advise anyone to stay away from this company in any state and if you are a first time home buyer DO NOT use Re/Max unless you want dishonesty.

I was steaming mad but not anymore (even though our "gem" of a house cost us thousands to repair the day we moved in) because karma comes back around. Sorry you had a bad experience too :( I hope it all works out for you soon.


The key thing to remember when either selling or buying real estate is to only deal with a full time realtor whose only income is based on being a realtor---not a part time ex-housewife who has no real stake in the results of her hobby. When selecting a good realtor ask friends, collegues, etc. and then ask the guy if he does this full time.

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